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My name is Bruno Schmitz!

I am journalist in Belgium and for many years I have been told about Madeira island: the beauty of its flowers, the spectacular views on the ocean directly from the mountains… I wanted to see it with my own eyes and… I was not disappointed!

Even more that I received the opportunity to visit it through its most authentic and original treasures. In other words, through rural tourism. Far from big hostels and mass tourism where you are a number among a group, you have here the opportunity to meet directly the owners, to know their stories, to learn about the history of the places, about the local specialties, about the secret hidden spots to discover… Briefly said, you do not only VISIT a place, you LIVE it.

Madeira Rural gave me this opportunity. This is a non-profit organization that promotes this authentic tourism. They asked me to build a travel webblog, where I could lend you my eyes to visit the beauties of Madeira. When you will see the images, you will quickly understand that it was impossible to say no! I thus packed my stuffs and went on a fifteen days trip all around the island.

Welcome then in my adventure! You may discover many rural houses, each one with its specific character, by clicking on the “Houses” button on the top bar. And if you wonder what you can do during the day until you come back home in these houses, simply click on the “Activities” button.

I wish you a lot of pleasure discovering Madeira or planning your next trip there. Do not forget that my eyes in those movies and pictures are actually your eyes! Simply do not forget to give them back to me at the end of trip, please and I wait for your comments on those nice places!

Cheers (with a glass of the local poncha, of course!)


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  1. kerry triffin

    Dear Bruno,

    I am Belgian and American. French or English is fine. Sadly, Flemish I have not yet studied.

    I’m a young 70 years old, my wife a painter 64 years old and my daughter a writer 34 years and my happy grandson will be 2 years old this Summer. We have planned a trip to Portugal and want to spend approx. 5 days in Madeira and are anxious to make reservations soon. Looking for your advice. The Northern and Western parts of the island (and for me especially the central with trails in all directions) seem the most appealing, but nothing is perhaps such a terribly long drive (even for a 2-year old….?) so if you thought a different area preferable, we would be open to it. There was mention in one of the guidebooks about possibility of staying on a farm. For some reason that seems particularly interesting but…..
    (So far, we have been unable to find any other mention of a farm to stay at). Anyhow, would love to get
    any advice you might have to give. I can describe that we are nice people, a warm family, very loving and very good with people.

    Anything else you’d like to know.

    It would be wonderful to hear from you by email or on my phone 203-215-7326 or I’d be happy to phone you.

    Thanks in advance for any trouble you may put yourself to on our behalf.


    Kerry Triffin

  2. kerry triffin

    Sorry, I had missed some of the places you wrote of which are farms. My apologies.
    But, still, any other advice would be appreciated.

  3. jf martins


    Je souhaite louer une voiture à l’aeroport de Funchal,
    pouvez-vous me conseiller pour un bon loueur de voiture


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