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Madeira Island essencial travel info

Madeira Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean 500 km off the African coast and 100 km from Lisbon. It is the largest island of the Madeira Archipelago, which also includes Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens. Politically it’s an autonomous region of Portugal and its capital is Funchal.

These islands are a great place near Europe where it’s possible to harmonize beach, mountain and city vacations.
Despite its small size (55 km long and 24 km wide), the diversity in Madeira is huge. It’s famous for its Laurel Forest, subtropical climate, Madeira Wine among other attractions.
Madeira is rich in natural resources and protected areas (two thirds of the island are classified as Natural Reserve). This makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers. In Madeira Rural accommodations you will have the chance to contact directly with the island’s tradition, gastronomy and culture.
When visiting Madeira you will have the chance to enjoy beautiful gardens, a variety of landscapes, good local cuisine and the renowned hospitality of its people.

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