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Casa dos Cedros – Holiday House in Porto Santo, Madeira

Welcome to the Holiday  House Cedros. It is a unit of tourism in rural areas, with the official classification of “Casa de Campo”. Built in the early XX Century, it was rebuilt in the late nineties of the last Century, with particular care to preserve the original structure of the house and keep the materials used in its original construction. All the outer coating of the housing is in stone white sand, unique in the genre on the island, giving it a characteristic appearance of the typical houses of Porto Santo.

These are the main facilities and services you can enjoy in our accommodation:

  • 7 sleeping rooms (5 with a private bathroom and 2 with common bathroom);
  • Living room and dinner;
  • Two kitchens: one inside the house with refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher and another in the outside barbecue);
  • Gardens;
  • Breakfast: includes the typical “Bolo do Caco” and  biological homemade sweets;
  • Room service daily;
  • Access to kitchens, where you can also cook in iron pots and firewood, or do the typical dish “Espetada”;
  • Tank to wash the clothes.
  • Iron;
  • Cradle (free);
  • Parking;
  • Pets allowed;

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Madeira Rural, presente na BTL 2013 com

Madeira Rural, presente na BTL 2013 com

A Madeira Rural esteve presente na edição de 2013 da Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa.

Madeira Rural teve o prazer de apresentar o seu novo projecto integrado no programa do Turismoda Madeira na edição de 2013 desta feira.madeirarural-btl-2013

A apresentação teve lugar no Stand da Madeira na quinta-feira dia 28-02-2013 pelas 10:30 h.

É possível ter acesso ao vídeo da apresentação no site

Agradecemos à Direcção Regional de Turismo, a todos os Associados e equipa da Madeira Rural, e a toda a equipa que produziu o portal.

Um especial agradecimento ao Clube de Montanha do Funchal  que realizará o Madeira Island Ultra Trail  e à equipa do Clicks Natura  que nos cedeu um fantástico vídeo.

Aqui fica a apresentação em si: