Traditonal Drinks in Madeira Island

Madeira is an island that offers a range of alcoholic drinks that have become a part of Madeira´s tradition. Drinks such as “Pé de Cabra”, “Nikita”, and “Poncha”. These alcoholic drinks are traditionally served at bars, restaurants and at local and festive events.

Poncha is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks available in Madeira.

Poncha - Madeira Traditional Drink

The drink is made with a specially carved object from wood that mixes the ingredients. The ingredients to make a poncha are pure sugar cane spirit, honey, lemon juice (or if you prefer you can replace lemon juice for orange or passion fruit juice).

Pé de Cabra is an alcoholic drink that consists of sugar, powdered chocolate or nesquick, dark beer and dry wine; it could also contain lemon and ice.

Nikita is a traditional drink in Madeira, which is well known with locals. The traditional Nikita contains vanilla or pineapple ice cream mixed with pineapple juice, pineapple pieces and beer. The juice and ice cream are mixed until it becomes creamy. For those who can´t drink or don´t like alcoholic drinks there is a non alcoholic nikita, made with everything but beer.

Sidra is an alcoholic drink which is made from fermented apple juice. This alcoholic drink is well known around Madeira and traditionally comes from Santo António da Serra.

Ginja is traditional liqueur from Curral das Freiras in Madeira. This liqueur consists of cherries, Grape spirit and sugar.

You can find these traditional drinks and more in Madeira.

If you’re into trying out new alcoholic drinks, then come and try Madeira´s!

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