Night life in Madeira

Madeira has a great nightlife available for tourists and locals, with many locations for those looking for an excellent night out, with locations such as a Casino, cinemas, nightclubs, pubs, local and festive events, bars, night clubs, dinner shows, concerts, themed entertainment evenings, etc.

Due to the fact that there are more locals than tourists in Madeira and as locals happen to study and work during the week, therefore the nightlife occurs more during weekends and national holidays.

Not only does Madeira offer great nightlife locations, but these locations also offer great alcoholic drinks such as: Poncha (a local strong punch), Nikita (beer foam mixed with vanilla ice cream and pieces of Pineapple) or Pé de Cabra (Sugar mixed with dark beer, dry wine and nesquick).

If you like nightlife, then the casino is your door to enjoying nightlife, as it offers lots of fun with its slot machines, gambling games etc, dinner shows on Friday and weekend evenings, nightclubsand much more… Also nearby the casino you can find various locations famous for their nightlife, such as the night club called Fugitivo famous for its samba shows performed by Brazilian dancers.

Madeira Island may be small, but it still offers a vast program when it comes to nightlife. When visiting Madeira, we hope you enjoy your night out!

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