Madeira Cable Car

The Madeira cable car will take you from the old part of Funchal to Monte in around 15 minutes. There are 39 seven-seater cars that are always circulating from Funchal to Monte.
The cable car has come to replace the oldest and most traditional trips that were made by the original train to Monte. The Madeira cable car was inaugurated in November 2000, and has had much success. Showing locals and tourist’s breathtaking scenery and beautiful landscapes of Funchal and concluding with the beauty of Monte.
The safety of the cable cars include speed control, opening and closing operations of the grips, are monitored and controlled by electronic safety circuits, to ensure a smooth operation and maximum safety.
The Madeira cable car is opened daily except on Christmas day, from 10h00 until 18h00, last passenger loading at 17h45. The prices range from 5€ to 15€; a child pays 5€ to go one way on the cable car and 7,50€ for a round trip; an adult pays 10€ to go one way and 15€ for a round trip. Children under the age of 4 go for free.
And if you don´t wish to return to Funchal from Monte then you can take a ride on the Monte sledges. These sledges are controlled by two sledge drivers that will take on an adrenaline rush ride down Monte to Funchal, giving locals and tourists an unforgettable experience.
If looking for accommodations around Funchal or Monte, Madeira Rural has several accommodations for you!
Madeira Rural wishes you the best on your vacation whether it’s in Funchal or Monte.

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