AQUAPARK – Santa Cruz – Madeira

Madeira now has an Aqua Park available in Santa Cruz, this aquatic theme park includes great facilities, plenty to do and great prices for all the family to have a great day out.

Aqua Park in Santa Cruz, Madeira

The Aqua Park is divided into two zones, radical zone and the leisure zone. The radical zone includes water slides, speed lanes, quick river and the black hole. The leisure zone includes a swimming pool, Aqua Land, lazy river, restaurant and bar, Aqua Shop (shop), games room, spaces destined for events and a room for birthday parties.

The facilities included in the Aqua Park are the changing rooms, locker rooms, infirmary and a solarium.

The Aqua Park presents great price ranges. For pricing info please check on the Aquapark web site:

The Aqua Park has a capacity for over 1000 people, enough space for locals and tourists to spend a great day out.

If you’re looking to make the most out of your stay in Madeira, then we recommend that you come and visit the aquatic theme park, Aqua Park in Santa Cruz.


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